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Updated: May 14

The Dordogne river is just over 483km long and starts on the sides of the Puy de Sancy, Massif Central, in the commune of Mont-Dore ,Puy-de-Dome department. It flows generally west through the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and the Dordogne department before flowing into the Gironde where it joins, in the north of the city of Bordeaux, the Garonne river to form the Gironde estuary.

The Dordogne flows through 4 regions, 6 departments and 173 communes.

The Dordogne is famous for being the land of 1001 chateaux. In the Dordogne Valley you will discover beautiful chateaux perched high up on craggy cliffs over looking the river below, creating dramatic scenery and great photo opportunities.

The spring and summer offer great canoeing and boat trip opportunities and are a splendid way to view some of the very pretty villages whilst gently paddling through idyllic scenery.

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