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Legend has it the Dordogne is home to 1001 chateaux. Located in the heart of vineyards, the top of cliffs, or hidden in a valley. Their old stones will reveal a rich and no doubt eventful history in this beautiful part of south west France.

Even after living in this stunning region for over 5 years we are stilled thrilled by discovering new ones quite unexpectedly. Meandering through country lanes, pretty towns and villages they continue to surprise us and seem to pop up out of nowhere!

Guests staying at LPC Dordogne Holidays can enjoy our idyllic location, which is just 5 minutes walk from Chateau de Beauvais

The chateau is open to visitors during the month of August and is also one of the chateau taking place in the Chateaux en Fete between the 13-28 of April 2024 throughout the Perigord region.

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